While we can boast about the beautiful designs of our SmittyGood leggings all we want. Hearing the words of those who know best, those who have had the opportunity to slip into our super comfy goods, is the best endorsement.

Recently heard:

“Love the Leggings! Rarely do I choose colorful leggings but had to try out a pair from @SmittyGoods and I think I’m converted. New year = colorful yoga attire. Size was right on. Waistband is good.” – Bethany P. about her new W. Lily Yoga Style

Wow – converting people’s belief systems isn’t quite what we envisioned when we began designing apparel, but now that we think about it…why not? Leggings ARE personal. To embrace a little more color on your lower half might be a big step. Maybe hearing Bethany’s personal experience will help you make the leap!

Here’s another testimonial:

“I don’t want to take these off! These are SUPER COMFY.” – Amelia S.

We must say. All of our leggings really are SUPER COMFY. You really should give them a try.

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