On one hand, we’re just babies. On the other, we’re old pros.

Smitty’s Workshop, where SmittyGoods got its start, has been helping businesses build their brands online and in their shops for nearly twenty years. But, aside from our SmittyPages.com website and our ApophicArts tumblr blog, this is the first website we’ve built that has been officially “ours.”

What we’re developing at SmittyGoods.com is more than just a website. It’s more than an e-commerce store. It’s a full-fledged business with a unique brand, products, customer service, innovative ideas about how to bring great things to our audience, and a team looking to grow something that is uniquely ours.

In the photo above, all fresh and new, are Abbey, our CEO-in-Training, and Papa Smitty, our COO, CMO and CFO. Abbey is a performer, athlete, dancer (and currently still in High School!) Papa Smitty is an artist, tech dude, problem-solver and late-night strummer of guitars.

We may not know, exactly, what we’ve gotten ourselves into, but we sure have been having fun doing it. We’re looking forward to collaborating to see where SmittyGoods leads us, together, and hope that the whole Smitty family one day gets involved.

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