Many of our new SmittyGood designs are lunagraphs. What, exactly, does that mean? The process is pretty simple, really. Grab your camera…set a long exposure time (say 2-3 seconds)…aim at the moon…and wiggle.

The idea is similar to traditional wood block or linoleum print making processes, but instead of gouging a groove into a piece of wood or linoleum, moonlight gouges a groove into the sensor (or film). Moving the camera is like moving your carving tools.

Yes, it’s also a bit like writing-with-light photography, except instead of writing words or shapes with a light source while the camera shutter is open, the camera moves while the light source (the moon) remains still (or at least still to our tiny eyes on Earth.)

The photo below shows the original photo taken to create the the lunagraph above. Yes, some creative magic was added to get to the final result, but you get the picture.