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I Think I’m Converted

While we can boast about the beautiful designs of our SmittyGood leggings all we want. Hearing the words of those who know best, those who have had the opportunity to slip into our super comfy goods, is the best endorsement. Recently heard: “Love the Leggings! Rarely do I choose colorful leggings but had to try […]

12 Days of Holiday Leggings

T’was many days before the Holidays and nowhere did anyone want to think about Winter’s naps, snow or Black Friday. But, like the ugly sweater that shone its way to the annual party, so too must the time-honored tradition of Holiday Leggings come haunting us once again. Wait, you’ve never heard of the Holiday Legging […]

Exclaim Your Existence

Our ixc line of apparel begs the wearer to exclaim their existence on this earth as an active free spirit – without the fuss. The ixc line presents itself, at-a-glance, as smartly simple and no-nonsense line of apparel perfect for exercise. Upon deeper examination, however, ixc exceeds expectations and excites. (Lots of x’s – get the […]

Apophic Means What?

  One of our apparel lines is named “Apophic” – a line of somewhat absurd yet beautiful products adorned with photography, illustrations and other craziness. We like to pronounce it similarly to a red wine of a similar name, rather than pop-hick (which might actually be a good moniker for Papa Smitty). But, what does […]

Fresh & New

  On one hand, we’re just babies. On the other, we’re old pros. Smitty’s Workshop, where SmittyGoods got its start, has been helping businesses build their brands online and in their shops for nearly twenty years. But, aside from our SmittyPages.com website and our ApophicArts tumblr blog, this is the first website we’ve built that […]