One of our apparel lines is named “Apophic” – a line of somewhat absurd yet beautiful products adorned with photography, illustrations and other craziness.

We like to pronounce it similarly to a red wine of a similar name, rather than pop-hick (which might actually be a good moniker for Papa Smitty). But, what does it mean, exactly? Well, its origin is traced, most recently, to the ApophicArts collection of artistic works created by Papa Smitty spurred on by a 365 Photo Project he undertook a few years back in which he was forced to focus on taking a photo every day for a year. The photos ranged from minuscule details of everyday objects to blurry lights to sometimes beautiful objects. When taking photos, by itself, became tiresome, Papa Smitty began to build elaborate photo assemblages wherein one photo was duplicated numerous times and overlapped and multiplied until some other object appeared.

Loosely, the word grew from the term “apophenia” which centers around seeing things that really aren’t there, or finding patterns in randomness. Seeing a face in the grill of a car is one type of apophenia. But, so is seeing a puppy in a puffy cloud. Even gambling or fortune-telling are related to the idea…finding patterns and attempting to create meaning from the randomness of the world around.

Many of the Apophic apparel items in our ever-growing collection are explorations of design applied to garments. Many are just cool colors and patterns that look great on a body.

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